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SocialSentry, an innovative consumer social media privacy protection software, allows members to protect themselves and take action from one easy to use dashboard. As social media becomes a bigger part of our lives, new privacy and fraud threats continue to emerge. SocialSentry actively scans social networks to detect privacy risks and fraudulent activities protecting members from fraud, malware, scams, account takeovers, impersonation and inappropriate content.

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SocialSentry alerts the member if something appears to violate their privacy or poses a security risk to the individual or family member. Members can take action by taking down or blocking offending content from one convenient dashboard. SocialSentry is included in our MyIDCare Premier membership.

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Identity theft happens every 2 seconds - and the risks of privacy and cyber crimes are exploding. TripwireID is the go-to first responder for identity theft and privacy threats for millions of people. We work around the clock to protect you and your family.

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Since 2003, the MyIDCare platform has protected millions of Americans from the growing threat of identity theft. We place our customers first in everything we do. We are driven to defend the privacy of Americans’ personal, social, financial, and health information.


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