Who’s watching out for your personal data?

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TripwireID is your first line of defense against evolving identity and privacy threats.

Would you know where to turn if your private information got stolen or hacked? Identity theft happens every 2 seconds – and the risks of privacy and cyber crimes are exploding. TripwireID is the go-to first responder for identity theft and privacy threats for millions of people. We work around the clock to protect you and your family.

Data breaches exposed over 446 million people to identity theft in 2018.


“This is what organized crime looks like. These are the most profitable, most capable criminals in the world and we’ve got to do a better job of keeping them out.”

– former FBI Asst. Director Chris Swecker

What puts you at risk?

Identity thieves can gain access to your data in a variety of ways. It only takes one of these to provide them with the information they need to compromise your identity.

Card Skimming

When you pay at a cafe on a tablet, buy veggies through Square at a farmers market, or swipe your card at any register, your credit card data and personal information is at risk.

Email Phishing

Phishing scams convince email recipients to click to a website and log into a fake account which captures any information they submit, like an email and password.

WIFI Networks

If you use the internet through an insecure wifi network at home or in public, this opens a path for criminals to gain access to the files and data on your computer.

Data Breaches

On average, a data breach occurs every 8 hours, increasing the likelihood that your personal information could be exposed, sold or stolen.

Employment Scams

In applying for a job, a significant amount of personal information is submitted. Fake job postings that use online applications can collect sensitive data for thieves.

Malware Software

This type of scam happens when you unknowingly download a file or install software onto your computer that transmits personal files back to thieves.

Discarded Documents

Insecure disposal of letters, account statements, and other documents that contain personal information can give identity thieves access to your information.

Mail Fraud

Personal information can be stolen from your mail, such as pre-approved credit offers or confidential letters, enabling thieves to steal your identity or fabricate a new one.

Hackers & Passwords

Most people don't follow best practices when creating passwords, which makes it easy for thieves to access sensitive data on laptops or mobile devices.

Did you know: 50% of identity theft victims who undertake DIY recovery measures still have issues after five years.

When you notice suspicious activity, it’s often just the tip of the iceberg. There are avenues into your personal data that are not easily detected, even through your own research. Our experts know what to look for and how to eradicate issues before they become serious problems.

Here is what's included:

The key to complete identity coverage is a multi-dimensional approach. We proactively monitor for 9 types of identity theft, instantly alert you of any suspicious activity, and work closely with you to restore your identity should fraud occur.

Credit Monitoring

We'll monitor, verify, and alert you of any credit inquiries or address changes in your name.


Recovery Experts

$In the event of a breach, you're assigned a recovery expert who acts as your single point of contact.


100% Recovery Guarantee

In the event of an identity theft, a recovery specialist will workon your behalf to restore your identity to pre-theft status - or your money back, guaranteed.



We scan the dark web to track down any personal data identity theives are trading and selling.


Ask An Expert

We're here for you. Every ID Expert customer has access to professionals trained in identity protection.


$1 Million Insurance

From stolen funds to legal feesopr even lost wages, we cover reimbursement costs for expenses up to $1 million.


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Identity theft happens every 2 seconds - and the risks of privacy and cyber crimes are exploding. TripwireID is the go-to first responder for identity theft and privacy threats for millions of people. We work around the clock to protect you and your family.

The power of ID Experts, now available for you and your family.

Since 2003, ID Experts has served many of the largest healthcare, financial services, retail, higher education, and government organizations in the U.S. – and individuals like you! MyIDCare is an ID Experts product chosen by millions as the most complete identity protection service.

With MyIDCare, ID Experts applies the same level of protection that was originally built for Fortune 500 firms and government institutions, to protect the identities of individuals and their families. We provide personal service and top-level protection at an affordable price.

As our world becomes more complex and increasingly digital, identity thieves adopt more sophisticated tactics. We stay one step ahead of the risk by continuously improving and evolving our services to keep your identity safe.


You call, we listen. You email, we respond.

Have peace of mind with an ultra-responsive team of experts ready to assist you in your time of need, or even with basic questions about our program

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a number.

Our program currently has over 25 million customers enrolled – each of whom feel like our most important client. We are dedicated to serving you.

We guarantee 100% recovery or your
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The MyIDCare program has a 16 year track record of 100% success resolving identity theft and fraud. We are so confident, we guarantee your satisfaction or your money back. 

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